Sponsoring a Pet

Our primary mission is to match unwanted and abandoned pets with new owners. But in the meantime, sponsors step in and help us look after our animals.

Whenever you sponsor a cat or a dog, you help us help them.

You will receive monthly gifts help pay for necessities like a warm bed and regular meals as well as vital health checks and veterinary care.

Select your favourite species 

It’s all about making sure unwanted pets get all the care and attention they need until we can find them new homes.

Whether you sponsor a dog, a cat or any animal, it makes a difference, helping out until they can be adopted.

And because our aim is to rehome pets as soon as we can, you may find that you sponsor lots of different pets – even better!

Pet Insurance

12 Months Plan

This is the ideal policy  if you want the reassurance of help with the cost of treatment for accidents and illnesses at a price that’s right for you.

This is an essential plan that provides you and your pet with a 12-month cover from the best UK pet insurance provider AHDA.

Classic Insaurance

This is certainly our most popular plan providing comprehensive Covered For Life dog insurance for peace of mind.

With this policy you get so so much and you can continue to claim for treatment of ongoing illnesses or injuries  even if it’s for life. Have a peek over here 

Ultimate Insurance

This is by far the most comprehensive dog insurance policy available from AHDA , this Covered For Life plan offers first-class protection for you and your dog.

It’s named the ultimate insaurance because this is for those that want nothing but the best. Visit this page 

Who are the ADHA?

Our mission is to promote honesty, openness and quality in the pet food and health industry for the benefit of pets and their owners.

Look at what we have to say 

We specifically, aim to:
  • Educate pet owners about what really goes into pet food
  • Encourage pet food companies to be honest about their ingredients
  • Promote foods that use good quality ingredients
  • Campaign for change in pet food labelling to remove terms such as ’meat and animal derivatives’ and ’EC permitted additives’
  • Provide good quality pet insurance
  • Provide information on the best medicines

We hope to achieve real change, improving the quality of pet foods, pet insurance, health care and the ability of pet owners to make informed choices about what products they give their pets.

Animal Medicines


Dental care

Aquadent Vet-
Our price £6.50

Arm & Hammer Rubber Bristle Toothbrush-
Our price £4.50

Arm & Hammer Toothbrush & Toothpaste Set-
Our price £10.03

C.E.T Toothpaste-
Our price £6.20


Arden Grange Adult Dog Sensitive Ocean White Fish and Potato-
Our price £43.00

Bionic Biotic Powder Dogs-
Our price £10.12

Burns Adult Dog Hypoallergenic Mixer-
Our price £6.38

Burns Adult Dog Sensitive Duck & Rice-

Our price: £8.55


Dental care

Co-Enzyme Q10 30mg-
Our price £26.04

Dentagen Aqua-
Our price £12.28

Dentagen Toothpaste-
Our price £9.24

Ear Care

Auraleze Ear Cleansing Solution-
Our price £15.88

Cerumaural Ear flush-
Our price £17.14

Cleanaural Ear Cleaner Cat-
Our price £4.84

Malacetic Aural Ear Flush-
Our price £9.42