Planning application for modular building at Fairlop Quarry

Application: 3890/21

Location: Fairlop Quarry, Hainault Road, Romford

Installation of a modular building to the North / East of plant site to enable blending of materials and manufacture, storage and distribution has been approved with conditions see here for more information.

AHDA had objected to this application:
The application consists of 3 parts, the largest being 6.5 m high, or 20′ high, even with the soil bunds (3m high), the building will still be 8ft higher. The office/admin part will be at least 3.2m high (11ft high) – all of these buildings will be in battleship grey – and consist of metal sheeting and whilst this is a cheap method of construction, it adds nothing to what is in the middle of Green Belt. The metal sheeting will also create noise, both o/side when it rains and create probable intense noise for staff within the proposed buildings.

This area has been subjected to numerous application for the last 20 years plus, considering the proposal is for this to remain until 2028, it needs to be more in keeping with the Green Belt. Given that past works have NEVER finished on time, and residents in the area are cynical that this too will over-run, therefore the application needs to be amended with regards the high and materials used.

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