Oakfields, West Ham, Little Heath,Billet Rd & Padnall Lake?

Whats the connection between Oakfields, West Ham, Tennis Club, Little Heath School, Billet Road and Padnall Lake?

AHDA members and supporters have been contacting us to find out more, both before and after the recent Ilford Recorder & Local Guardian Reports.

Its thought that West Ham are selling their land at Little Heath including the Tennis Club area to Redbridge and as part of the deal they will get Oakfields.

Oakfields is currently home to several grass roots clubs, Old Bealonians, Old Parkonians and the cricket team amongst others. It was also the subject of a long campaign to stop an 800 home development there in 2017. It is worth noting that the site at Billet Road was removed from Green Belt by Redbridge as a result of the decision not to build on Oakfields.

The Billet Road site, which includes Willow Farm, farmed by the same family since the 1920’s, stretches down to the A12 and joins with the Barking and Dagenham development at Padnall Lake. If it were to include the West Ham grounds then it would allow for greater access from the A12.

According to the newspaper reports neither Redbridge nor West Ham have denied they are in negotiations.

2 thoughts on “Oakfields, West Ham, Little Heath,Billet Rd & Padnall Lake?”

  1. Colin Edwardson

    And yet labour candidates are knocking at my door telling how much they’ve done over the years to save Oakfields and know nothing about the West Ham link! Bare faced lie or just incompetent?

    1. It is possible that only the planning dept and Cabinet know the plans for now. Oakfield was saved by the Inspector who decided that building on Green Belt at Little Heath (Billet Rd) next to West ham training ground, was preferable back then. We wait to see what happens next.

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