Fairlop Waters Consultation to go Public

Be Fair to Fairlop’s Nature

As a result of the Overview Committee meeting 7 Mar 2022 followed by the Cabinet Meeting 8 Mar 2022, Redbridge have endorsed the Masterplan which will now go to a formal Public Consultation over Summer 2022.

Exact dates are not yet known but likely to start in July and run for a month or so.

Our Vice Chair Jenny’s reply to the masterplan: ‘The Future of Fairlop Waters Country Park Green Space or Ruin’ can be see here and also in the Ilford Recorder

Be Fair to Fairlop's Nature
Ilford Recorder Letters 3 Mar 2022

The London Wildlife Trust has been involved with Fairlop Waters and Fairlop Plain for well over 30 years because of its importance as a site for biodiversity and recreation.

Their full comments on the Masterplan were submitted to the Council. LWT details items they ‘Support’, those that are of ‘High Concern’,Medium Concern’ and ‘Suggestions’.

AHDA would like to thank all our members and supporters for their comments and suggestions throughout the initial residents’ consultation attended by Jenny and ask that you continue to join us in wanting to Be Fair to Fairlop’s Nature.

We will be running a series of posts in the lead up to the Public Consultation, exploring each of the comments and concerns raised by you and those highlighted by Jenny and LWT. We hope these will be useful to you when commenting on the Public Consultation and help us all to Be Fair to Fairlop’s Nature, which is what so many Redbridge residents love about Fairlop Waters.

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