Open Letter to persons nominated for election as Councillors for Aldborough Ward.

AHDA members are keen to know what you will be doing about the following local issues:

  • Hainault Road- traffic, HGV’s (after hours), fly tipping, mud on road, potholes.
  • Billet Road- traffic, HGV’s (weight restrictions ignored), mini roundabout at Hainault Road constantly blocked by queuing traffic.
  • Fairlop Plain Green Belt & SINC  – Commercial bonfires, burning of waste & plastic.
  • Fairlop Plain Green Belt  – Flood lights in operation, illegal car park & commercial waste storage.
  • Fairlop Plain SINC –  Ratify as a Site of Metropolitan Importance for nature conservation (recommended by GLA). Protecting the green belt.
  • Fairlop Plain – Ensuring nature comes first at Fairlop Waters Country Park – Be Fair to Fairlop’s Nature!
  • Aldborough Hatch – Resolving the Hedge issues/responsibility of.
  • Aldborough Hatch – traffic calming measures to reduce speeding.
  • Aldborough Hatch Nature Reserve – Fly tipping & land grabbing.
  • Gravel extraction-  issues arising from the next stages.
  • Little Heath/Billet Rd – issues arising from the development site and the effects on local residents.

All of the above are issues we have been raising on behalf of AHDA members and most, if not all, have not yet been resolved.

2 thoughts on “Open Letter to persons nominated for election as Councillors for Aldborough Ward.”

  1. Would be good to raise issues on the doorstep but no sign of any candidate so far think we at the Hatch are being taken for granted.

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