Gravel Meeting 11 May 2021

AHDA attended the virtual meeting and noted the following points.

  • Brett Ltd have instructed the hydrologist (water expert), to investigate the flooding issue – however they are tied up with HS2 scheme
  • The tender process for the Bentonite wall is still in progress.  The haul road will be started in July/August and soil stripping in the field next the church this autumn. Concern was raised about the crossing point near the equestrian centre as this area is now much more heavily used as a result of the pandemic. 
  • Highways drafted an outline of what hedges belong to whom and who is responsible for the management of them – the officer proposes to speak to several other people to confirm ‘ownership’ – ie whether they are a tenant or not and then Highways will draw up a plan of a schedule of maintenance – they already know when the hedges should NOT be cut and that will be included.  Highways will also consult Planning Dept and then issue the ‘plan’.  What was owned and ‘managed’ by Aldborough Hatch Farm has transferred to Brett Ltd. The AHDA think it is important that the plan includes when and how to cut. Some of these hedges need thinning as well as having the tops cut to stop them collapsing and taking up to much of the footpath. It is important that the hedges are cut back at the entrance to footpaths so that the signs and the footpaths themselves do not become ‘lost’.
  • Highways are being chased about the ditches (the willingness to take ownership of these has been another longstanding issue between Redbridge and BTL) , the broke telegraph pole in Aldborough Road North and any highway issues.
  • There has been a change of what paddocks can and should be used at Aldborough Hatch Farm – the tenant farmer was made aware of the change needed and told that either there should be a reduction in livery numbers or alternative arrangements be made to feed. (BTL has provided posts and equipment to make new paddocks).
  • The amphibian traps (great crested newts), are still operational and due to be checked again in June, some have been transferred to new sites in Fairlop Waters. 
  • Dumping of rubbish etc everywhere – that is to be looked at and I think they are looking at putting up a camera at one spot.
  • The revised regeneration plan which the AHDA was involved in has still not been submitted but hopefully will this August.The AHDA wants the extra hedges and trees in the corner of the field next church to be removed from the plan. This is a habitat for ground-nesting birds and trees would be detrimental to this, harbouring predators as well as those involved in anti-social behaviour in this area.
  • The problems with anti-social behaviour in the Aldborough Hall Nature Reserve were raised. These include drug taking and dealing and the dumping of material. There is a danger of fire to the neighbouring houses and BTL agreed to cut a firebreak twice a year. There are now red poll cattle grazing here and these are being regularly checked on.

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