Our Occasional ‘Open Space’ Newsletter archive, highlighting the work AHDA has done to protect our local environment and green belt.

Date of issueIssue No.Topics covered
2019 Oct37Wes Streeting MP pledges to protect our Green Belt, Haul Road, Protect Fairlop Plain, 3 London Markets, Orchard harvest, AGMPDF
2017 Oct35Gravel extraction agreed, AGMPDF
2014 Nov31Enough is Enough campaign, AGM, Minutes of last AGMPDF
2011 Nov27Gravel Extraction application, Protecting Aldborough HatchPDF
2011 Jun26Gravel Extraction Aldborough Hatch Farm, Public Exhibition, Say no to housing on Fairlop PlainPDF
2009 Nov24Gravel consultation delayed, Paving front garden, bonfiresPDF
2009 Nov23Gravel exhibition delayed, Green Belt under threatPDF
2008 Jun22Green Belt land for housing, Oaks Lane, Fairlop PlainPDF
2007 Nov20Fairlop Waters Future in balance, PDF
2006 Nov17Racecourse dead in the water, Farm next for Gravel, PDF
2002 Sept8Racecourse rejected, Wiggins Appeal, Fairlop Waters Green Belt PDF
2001 Nov7Racecourse, AGMPDF
2001 Oct6Gravel barrier decision deferred, surveys, traffic congestion, PDF
2001 Apr5Gravel extractions, Aldborough Farm, Racecourse public enquiryPDF
2001 Mar4Racecourse public Inquiry, Council debate gravel plans, Councillors visit farm and gravel sitePDF
2000 Oct3Racecourse Public Inquiry, gravel extraction planning application, AGM, Open MeetingPDF
2000 May2Petition no to Racecourse, Gravel extraction exhibitionPDF
2001 Jan1Racecourse new planning application, 100m barrier rejected, Public meeting 1999PDF