Community and Membership

Our local community and environment is important to all of us. If you would like to join AHDA in looking after our area please contact us and provide your email address.

You will receive News and updates on Events. If you would like to help AHDA then there are many ways to volunteer. Examples are:

Litter Picking
Apple Picking
Leaflet Distribution
Putting up posters
Using skills you have (gardening, marketing, printing, photography, IT, writing articles on local history, nature, wildlife. All ideas welcome!!)
Join us at our Annual General Meeting

Become an AHDA member:
Full Membership – Voting rights and serving on the Committee or on a Sub Committee if asked or elected.
Family Membership – Voting rights for those over 18yrs.
Associate Membership – no voting rights.

Membership fees are minimal and set at the AGM to cover costs of running the website.