Fairlop Waters Masterplan

Fairlop Waters Masterplan – what do you think?

Here is the Fairlop Waters Masterplan or you can view/download as pdf by clicking here

Let us know what you think!

Our thanks to Jenny for attending all the consultation meetings!

3 thoughts on “Fairlop Waters Masterplan – what do you think?”

  1. I used to sail at Fairlop Waters. I learned to sail at the Borough run Sailing Centre at the North East corner of the lake. I stopped sailing when it became more stressful than restful. Instead I bought a dead horse to flog, built a brick wall to bang my head against and saved myself much travel time. I rarely go to Fairlop Waters nowadays. I only see the lake and banks filling up and crowding out the sailing facility to the West of the lake provided by Fairlop Waters Sailing Club. Good luck and sincere best wishes in this, your ongoing battle with the non-representative, ear’oleless and dictatorial Council. When I say Council I probably mean only the Leader and His Cabinet…….the rest are ineffectual.

  2. Christine Pountney

    I am generally very pleasantly surprised. There is a nice balance between nature conservation, family friendly activities and potential for fund raising – which will be vital if the area is to be funded properly.
    I was a bit disappointed that there was no area designated for a wild flower meadow – but perhaps at a later date…..?

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