Fairlop Liaison Group Meeting 25 Apr 2022

Notes on the meeting taken by our Chair Vanessa:

  • Haul Road.  They are awaiting the Benonite wall  paperwork to be finalised and then there will have to have archaeological surveys/testing done and that will be mid May/late May and then the Wall will be finalised in June., so they are looking to the Haul Rd to be done late May 2022.
  • Area E  Basically, depends on all the paperwork, the Wall etc being done on time but looking at June/July 2022 onwards.
  • Area F?  There is approx. 10,000 tonnes left, which is about a month’s worth.  This will remain open for the silt etc to be taken off Area E.
  • Plastic Fencing for animal trapping removed?  They are awaiting for the ecological report to be signed off, when this is done, the plastic fencing will be removed.
  • Community Payback – Yes, Bretts are willing to donate shovels etc, just let Simon know when!
  • Footpaths.  There is NO plan to close either footpath, however one of them may be diverted for a couple of metres.  There is to be a letter to residents and John H said about signs going up in the area to warn people and Bretts have said this will be done.  The letters will be done mid May 2022.
  • The Ditches – evidently Highways are stating that they are not responsible but the adjoining landholder is!  We expressed dissatisfaction with this and for Highways/Planning & Estates to work it out before the next meeting!!
  • Capital Concrete may put in a planning application for a portacabin near the existing cabins etc – stressed that the tree will not be removed!
  • NEXT MEETING 12 July 2022.

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