AHDA Meeting 28/6/22 Gravel Extraction Update

Gravel Extraction update given by Simon Treacy and Damian McClean (Brett Tarmac).

The following notes are extracted from the full minutes due to the length of the meeting. Full minutes will be sent to all AHDA members, Simon & Damian and Aldborough Ward Councillors.

Phase E Gravel Extraction

Phase E is broken down into 5 stages with a total of 900,000 tons of gravel.

It will take 6 years. Restoration is back to agricultural use which is to be completed over 6 to 7 years.

The haul road is from the processing area at Hainault Road to the Southern Boundary.

A bentonite wall will be constructed to stop penetration of toxic pollution, the result of landfill under the golf course area and Fairlop Waters. These were unlined and filled with household refuse. When they pump out water from Area E the bentonite wall will stop the polluted water.

Simon Treacy provided a map which members were invited to view in groups. Work will start at E1 in about 8 weeks. Striping the land will take 4wks, the bentonite 9wks. Currently still working in area F which has taken a bit longer than expected.

Noise / Air / dust / Church stability/ Wildlife

There is a 100m standoff from St Peter’s Church. Screening bunds created from topsoil which will act as noise barriers.

The stability of the church will be monitored till the end. Brett have  surveyed and the church has also had it surveyed. It will be monitored.

Air quality reports are in the planning documents, the sand and gravel is damp so doesn’t give rise to dust but Brett are monitoring air quality before and during the works.

Ecologists have been there for the Haul Road 1st cut and now on the 2nd cut to avoid disturbance to newts, nesting birds etc. This is due to end a week on Monday. The plastic fencing will be removed on completion of the works.

An LBR engineer will be on site.  All road going vehicles will be covered. There will be no artificial lighting during the works and in winter work will stop when dark.

Haul Road

The haul road will be constructed to gain access. Local roads will not be used. Access from Hainault Road (west side). Extraction will be sent over via the conveyor bridge. Traffic comes out on Hainault Road, restoration material coming in from Hainault Road. Tractors and bowser will be used. all drivers will be inducted, failure to comply is a ban.

Notices and notification to residents

There will be a letter drop to residents, all those that front the site and stake holders. The letters will be distributed by Brett, not Royal Mail and will contain contact details for the site manager.

Notices will go up in advance of the Haul Road construction showing crossings and how horses, children, pedestrians will be protected. the haul road water bowser to dampen road but not on bund walls.

Operating times: 7am to 6pm Mon to Fri and 7am – 1pm Sat. Soil stripping: 8am -4pm Mon to Fri.

Restoration of Phase E gravel extraction area

Phase E1 will be restored when Phase E2 starts, and so on. Inert waste rather than residential waste will be used. This is excavated material from foundations and tunnel building at various locations and used to back fill for agricultural use. Regulations are now strict, council landfills of residential waste no longer happen.

Detailed hedgerow restoration scheme is due to be submitted but a proposed woodland shown on the plan is no longer going ahead after feedback that it could cause anti-social behaviour.

In phase D ponds are retained rather than filled. Area A lake was meant to be filled but now proposed to keep as a lake, with a car park.

Fairlop Waters ‘extension’ is this part of the Fairlop Waters Extension? Simon – yes, the area is currently agricultural and will be restored back to agricultural use.

Archaeology we will encounter archaeology we know its there, Anglo Saxon, Roman, Iron Age evidence of occupation. Part of the area is not to be worked as it has dense archaeology.

Timeframe will be 6 to 7 years. Area D took 12 years from start to finish and was meant to be 5 to 6yrs. Its already been 4yrs since planning permission was granted. Causing a lot of tension with residents. Now residents are told 6 to 7yrs, why take so long ? can you promise it won’t happen again? Simon – We supply a market which dictates demand. 6 to 7yrs is an estimate to work and restore the site, it might be quicker.

The haul road will be removed when area finished and restored to arable land.

Deviation of the footpath, more along the tube line? Simon – not that far, it will be diverted but not for the first 3 phases, only for phase 4 and 5 for safety.

Relevant Planning applications can be found on Redbridge website https://my.redbridge.gov.uk/planning

Main Planning information

Application numbers 2089/16/09, 0833/20, 2089/16/07, 2089/16/08, 2089/16/04, 1613/19, 2089/16/06, 2089/16/05, 2089/16/03, 2089/16/01, 2089/16/02

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