Fairlop Waters Survey Questionnaire – Love it, hate it – don’t be neutral

Love it or hate it – Don’t be neutral in a questionnaire!

Fairlop Waters masterplan – The Questionnaire.
When the results are published it will have ‘XX percent of respondents strongly agreed / disagreed with …’
There are no points for neutral in this game!!

The devil is in the detail, please read and consider each question against the Masterplan. Use the comments boxes to expand on your views.
Look at the Masterplan and Key to see ALL the proposed changes to Fairlop Waters.

We will be posting AHDA’s views on the Fairlop Waters Masterplan plus the London Wildlife Trust’s comments, over the next week if you would like to read these before completing the questionnaire.

Q3. Overall to what extent do you agree that the draft Masterplan positively reflects the vision and key principles?

The answers available are :
Strongly Agree, Agree, neutral, Disagree, Strongly disagree. Plus comments box.
Note: The draft Masterplan contains 6 Visions/ key principles and the Masterplan contains 26 items.

Q4. What kind of impact do you feel the following proposed changes will have:

a) New purpose built facility at the lakeside – this would be the focal point for activity on the lake and would replace the existing buildings. It would house a restaurant, the Owls, and a space for indoor events. There would also be a changing places facility.
b)New purpose built visitors centre at the Barkingside entrance that would have toilet facilities including changing places and a kiosk/café for food and drink
c) Re-Wilding area for nature conservation – enhancing he nature and ecology across a large area of Fairlop with new bird watching screens, bug hotels and other habitat for nature
d) Natural play adventure trail – an interactive and low impact trail that runs around Fairlop
e) New purpose built Fairlop Outdoor activity centre – a new build facility to replace the existing building. This would improve the range of activities that could be offered to children and young people as well as the potential for being a base for other activities too.
f) Active leisure – space for future leisure and play activities that could add new elements to Fairlop and bring in revenue.
g) Outdoor classroom and sensory garden – located close to Barkingside entrance and aimed at use by local forest groups or local primary schools
The available answers to each are: Very Positive, Quite Positive, Neutral, Negative, Very Negative
Note: This list only contains 7 new items for Fairlop Water as opposed to the 26 listed in the Masterplan]

Fairlop Waters Masterplan - 26 key items

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