Bellway’s Billet Road, RM6 Masterplan Session 1& 2 and stakeholder Meeting

On Tues 13th Dec 2022, members of AHDA Executive Committee braved the freezing cold, snow and ice, avoided Forest Road and junction with Hainault Road closed due to several burst water mains at Hainault and missed watching the World Cup semi-finals, to visit Bellway’s Masterplan public exhibition. The planning application for capping the contaminated landfill at Billet Road, also known as ‘enabling works’, is not set to be decided until early Jan ’23. It seemed to us, that a better choice of dates could have been selected, however Bellway seem eager to start the design.

The Exibition consisted of various banners shown below along with an opportunity to ask questions.

Stakeholder Meeting

The following day we were invited to attend the Stakeholder Meeting at City Pavillion. The traffic along Billet Road was nose to tail due to the local road closures, the roundabout at City Pavillion was at a standstill. Perhaps that’s why the only Stakeholders there were AHDA! Although, Beth of Befirst (London Borough of Barking and Dagenham) did arrive a little late for the reasons mentioned above. A second stakeholder meeting was held later the same day, to which we were not invited.

The Urban Designer walked us through the banners (see below) and the described their hopes for cycle routes around the site and across Hainault Road to Fairlop Waters.

Whilst we applaud the fact that Bellway are in discussions with the London Wildlife Trust and hope they take on board the sugestions and observations made by LWT, we are concerned that this is a rural area, opposite Fairlop Plain, a Site of Interest for Nature Conservation and not an ‘urban’ area.

The Core Concepts

  • circa 1300 homes, low to mid rise, up to 8 storeys at the centre of the site
  • A connected central park, public open space and play spaces
  • Bringing the 296 bus route to the heart of the site – through Coral Close to Rose Lane
  • Creating pedestrian and cycle links through the site
  • Creating green gateways into the site
  • Creating a circular pedestrian route within the Masterplan
  • New neighbourhoods
  • Landscape strategy
  • Community Hub
  • Tree lined streets
  • On site parking, car clubs, lower parking ratio for flats.
  • Improvements to highways network.

It should be noted that there is considerable resistance to a bus route through Coral Close from local residents and Bellway stated at the meeting that this was no longer being considered. Despite this the plan remains in place on their website.

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