Fairlop Waters – the final masterplan

Fairlop Waters – the final masterplan

For AHDA’s comments on this Final masterplan see Fairlop Waters Masterplan re-mastered

Final Fairlop Masterplan

Febuary 2022 update on Fairlop Waters Masterplan – what do you think?

The latest Fairlop Waters Consultation Meeting introduced the ‘Vision Principles‘ and asked that the consultation members ask 3 people (outside of the consultation group) their views on these principles.

Are they going in the right direction? if you would like to comment please use the Contact Us or Private Message on our FB page.

The Vision Principles

Accessibility & Active Travel

Deliver an accessible park, easy to get into and to travel around, which welcomes and includes people of every ability, interest and means, and prioritises walking, cycling and public transport. It should champion active travel through an inclusive network of pathways, resting points, spaces and zones, which are clearly signed and reflective of a diverse range of interests and abilities. The accessibility and active travel principle should support our core values, and support visitors’ health and wellbeing whilst being sympathetic to nature & ecology.

Discovery, Play & Learning

Provide equipment, instalments and dedicated spaces/zones to allow visitors to have fun, to fire their imaginations and to learn from the beauty and the secrets of the park, and to build on its history and heritage. This should include facilities for schools trips and visits, and ensure that attractions are inclusive, multi-sensory and can be enjoyed by everyone, embracing the principle of accessibility and active travel.

Health & Wellbeing

Create a diverse range of experiences, routes, trails and spaces, providing a variety of opportunities which support physical and mental health, and wellbeing. This should include peaceful, quiet and reflective walks and quiet spots, as well as areas for communal activity, gatherings and places to eat, and an array of routes for different levels of physical activity: recognising the wide range of individual and collective needs for recharging and reflecting. Features should enable park use in both good and bad weather, and consider how to enable the preservation and effective management of different unique spaces which support health and wellbeing in different ways, including as the park becomes more popular.

History & Heritage

Create dedicated features, installations and ‘learning routes’ which celebrate the history and heritage of the park, establishing centres of intergenerational discovery and learning and building on the natural and historical features of the park. This should support an annual calendar of diverse events throughout the year, providing the infrastructure to support events and specialist activities for visiting individuals and organisations.

Nature & Ecology

Protect and grow the biodiversity of the park, building on what is already there to strengthen and secure Fairlop Waters as a site of nature and ecology. This should allow for the continued development, growth and protection of natural areas on the site, with some areas prioritised for nature and ecologies. Create sensory, tranquil areas where visitors can enjoy and learn from nature.

Sharing & Socialising

Create spaces and venues to bring people together, to eat, drink, listen to music and socialise, and to provide the infrastructure and venues for festivals, events and exhibitions. Areas for public and private access, including hirable spaces, should respect the natural setting and enable our diverse community to come together. This principle should build on the health and wellbeing principle, providing opportunities to connect with and learn from others, and to stay well.

Fairlop Waters Consultation Phase 2, first meeting

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  1. I’ve just read with interest Vision’s “Principles”. Trouble is Vision, together with Redbridge Council, wouldn’t know a principle if it poked them in the eye!
    Chris Roper.

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