GULP! Redbridge Climate Change Plan

Our Chair Vanessa attended Redbridge Climate Change meeting and was introduced to GULP.

GULP is the Green Urban Landscape Plan for 2021 to 2024 (pdf) and explains what this means for council maintenance and residents.

The pdf linked above provides the full details and below is an overview from the meeting.

Trees – Opening up highway tarmacked tree pits, irrigation tubes to be provided with new trees, reducing use of herbicide, street tree sponsorship, Forestry commission providing 300 trees (native species: Rowan, Alder, Hawthorn).
Biodiversity – Ensuring wildlife data is current, Providing Bat boxes, encouraging grow zones.
Community Projects – Adopt a tree pit, Plant a tree/fruit tree (500 provided this year)
Trees & Urban landscape – Planning and Highways to be more pro-active in maintaining green canopy in the Borough.

YOU CAN HELP – Submit records of wildlife you see to Greenspace Information for Greater London. Only takes a minute to fill out the form!

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