Walkabout Meeting

On 2 Dec 2021 our Chair Vanessa met with Cllr John Howard, Stephanie (Neighbourhood Manager), Marion (Neighbourhood Engagement) and Mike (Enforcement) for a freezing cold walk around Aldborough Hatch. Resulting in:

Fly tipping – The Council are looking into installing a camera in Painters Lane.
Hedges/Ditches – Cllr Howard to chase this
Footpath – grass and weed overspill is reducing the width of the pavements / footpaths. Consideration being given to a Community Action Day to remove the overspill.
Speeding – Flashing Speed signs have appeared on Aldborough Rd North. We have asked for a joint operation with police to stop night-time speeding vehicles.
Anti-Social Behaviour – This is now on the Council / Police Agenda and our Chair is taking over Aldborough Ward Panel SNT so will be raising the issues then.

You Can Help SPEEDING – Please sign the petition

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