Painters Road – what would you like to see?

A recent post on our Facebook page by Glen detailed ways in which Fairlop Waters could be opened up and joined together either side of Painters Road. This was discussed by panel members, including Glen as part of the regeneration / consultation for Fairlop Waters.

What would you like to see done at Painters Road?

1) Traffic calming measures.
2) Make it a one way road.
3) Make it a no through road.
4) Install a footpath/bridge over.
5) Close it off and make it part of the park.
6) Do nothing and leave it alone.

Please respond using the Contact us or via the comments so that we can pass on the views of AHDA members.

2 thoughts on “Painters Road – what would you like to see?”

  1. I would like to see Painters Road closed and make it a part of Fairlop Waters. Obviously, access to the cottages should be maintained. By closing off the road it could have a beneficial effect by reducing speeding along Aldborough Road North and eliminating the ‘rat run’ to and from Hainult Road.

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