Fairlop Waters Fires

Two Fires at Fairlop Waters in as many weeks

On 7/7/22 we advised AHDA members that a large area of Fairlop Waters had been destroyed by fire, needing 25 fire fighters and 4 fire engines. The area damaged covers 5 acres!

Yesterday our Vice Chair, Jenny walked through the old Golf Course and saw this:

Fairlop Waters second fire in as many weeks
Remains of fire 17 Jul 2022

A short distance away from this most recent burnt area Jenny saw the remains of three disposable barbecues:

Remains of 3 disposable barbeques at Fairlop Waters.
Remains of 3 disposable barbeque and cigarette end on the far left.

There must be better signs advising visitors that barbecues are not permitted at Fairlop Waters Country Park.

Be Fair to Fairlop's nature

No more fires!

Don’t drop cigarettes or anything that is burning on dry ground.
Don’t have barbecues in parks and public spaces – it is illegal in parks.
Don’t leave glass bottles or any glass as it can cause fires by magnifying the sun and start a fire.
Don’t leave litter.

Jenny and AHDA would also like to thank all the staff who are having to work so hard keeping our parks tidy, cleaning up after the ignorant and lazy people who leave their rubbish lying around.

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