Fairlop Waters Survey – what they aren’t asking

The Fairlop Waters Masterplan survey -the questions they aren’t asking.

There are 27 features mapped out on the Fairlop Waters Masterplan of which at least 19 are totally new.

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Feedback is only asked about 7 of them. At least 2 of the ‘missing’ new features are BBQ area and Wild Swimming.

We will be asking why Redbridge / Future Fairlop are not interested in peoples’ views on ALL of the new proposed features they wish to include in Fairlop Waters Country Park.

Below are the details of some of the missing items and the things you may wish to consider when replying online or in person. Our thanks to Protect Fairlop Plain facebook group for their Good, Bad and the Ugly series.

Area (15) Wild Swimming (Not on LBR Feedback Form)

* The water body indicated for this is a steep sided silt settling lagoon which has a bottom like quick sand and other underwater debris.
* It is relatively remote from the existing centre buildings.
* Would be costly to make safe for a non fee paying activity that would require full time supervision.
* This water body has existing wildlife usage that will be totally disrupted by this activity.
* Is a potential European Beaver release site.
* The recent death of a young man in the main lake questions the promotion of this unsupervised activity at Fairlop.
This project definitely falls in our BAD category

(Area 26) New Location for Wedding Marquee ( Not on feedback form)

* We must ask what place has a private business catering for a exclusive market got in a public country park especially in the lakeside setting?
* Its patrons overload the carpark
* Night time activity can have a detrimental effect on nocturnal wildlife ie sound, light and human movement
* To be honest the marquee is ugly and out of place in that location
This is both Bad and Ugly.

(Area 9) Events/performance space (not mentioned on feedback form)

* This is for Vision to generate revenue only
* A large area has been allocated for this! More than the area used by the current fair!
* It will involve night time activity therefore putting nocturnal animals such as bats (all UK species are protected) under pressure.
* Compaction of the soil maybe critical for feeding birds.
* More carparking spaces required.
* This is one of the Bad idea’s

(Area 20) Water Park (Not on feedback form)

* All water activities should not increase in size or duration in day and season unless full ecological impact is carried out.
*Ecological enhancements to the islands and some of the lake bays must be carried out if parts of lake and surrounding area are opened up for more human activity.
*In our view the beauty of the lake is in the wildlife using it not the human activates taking place.

(Area 5) Boules/Petanque (not mentioned in feedback form)

* Good, why not.
* Is it the right place? Surely if you don’t want to loose the kit? putting the green in a fenced area accessible via the rebuilt Boat house would make more sense.

(Area 27) reinforced grass for accessible parking (Not on feedback form)

* This appears to be a new addition
* Interesting when there are two car parks adjacent that are part of the current gravel working complex one each side of Painters Road won’t this suffice?
Bad as not needed.

(Area 3) Expanded allotments (not mentioned on feedback form)

* This is really GOOD * Could have space for community food growing with nature ie Forest Garden concept.

(Area 25) New water body and wetland meadow Not on feedback form)

* Definitely support with the following proviso.
* There is a site wide Crassula (New Zealand pygmy weed problem affecting most water bodies that needs to be addressed prior to further creation

(Area 7) Animal grazing (Longhorn Cattle) (not mentioned on feedback form)

* Good Fairlop needs as much natural mangement of natural features as possible so should not be tied to a specific area on the plan.
* But why just Longhorn cattle? Many of the native breeds and animals are used for conservation grazing.
* Although No Fence Technology would be used there is still a need for wardens to protect the animals from the public and there dogs.

(Area 23) Estate facilities(Grounds Maintenance) (not mentioned on feedback form)

* Note this has been moved from off Forest Rd in Phase 3 version to off Painters Rd (was the intention to give more room for the events area?)
* Surprised at this vulnerable location would have to be heavily fortified on road side.
* Turns a rural area into a unnecessary visual mess.
Think this is one of the BAD & UGLY developments

(Area 21) Play area (not on feedback form)

* Assume this only relates to the existing play equipment in the existing defined woodland bays to the north of main lake?
* Apart from renewals there will be no attempt to increase capacity
* Play equipment installed is in keeping with the setting
This would be acceptable

(Area 8) Sculptural trail (not mentioned on feedback form)

* Good if it reflects the natural ethos of Fairlop including its history.
* The materials integrate into the landscape.

(Area 24) New water bodies connecting existing Lagoon and ditches (not on feedback form)

* In principle supported
* However this is possibly one of the domestic landfill areas of the site and incur significant cost to remediate for creation.
* There is a site wide Crassula (New Zealand pygmy weed problem affecting most water bodies that needs to be addressed prior to further creation
* All new water bodies should be considered for the gravel works of Aldborough Hatch Farm or On a smaller scale Aldborough Hall nature reserve.
* The park could do with more diverse wetlands for wildlife

(Area 11) Angling lake- no change proposed (not mentioned on feedback form)

* We would like to see a Kingfisher/Sandmartin nesting bank and birdwatching screens.

(Area 14) Family picnic area (potentially BBQ area) (not mentioned on feedback form)

* As BBQ’s/ Fires are against the current parks bylaws and we have recently seen what can happen to our beloved Fairlop when this is flouted the BBQ element must go permanently.
* Having a controlled picnic area would be beneficial with enhanced resource for control and cleaning and persuasion against going off piste.
* But is this the right place on the plan nearly half way between the Barkingside entrance and the Boathouse?
* Think this fits into the bad category.

(Area 13) Naturalised river with crossing points (not mentioned on feedback form)

* Good with the following provisos.
* Needs a reedbed to help filter the lake water.
* Seven Kings Water should be naturalised its full length till it exits the extended park at the A12 Eastern Avenue.
* There should be some no go areas specifically for nature.
* Consideration should be given to European Beaver introduction.

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