Redbridge Enforcement Actions in Aldborough Ward – The FOI results!

Redbridge say

Enforcement Team tackle issues we know most matter to you like fly-tipping, untidy land and littering.  We are charged with improving civic pride and clamping down on those who do not treat the Borough with respect.

AHDA asked

How many enforcement actions have been taken by the Council for the following:-
a) Planning infringements where structures have been erected that have no prior planning permission. b) environmental infringements, including burning of waste. c) noise infringements all these a) to c) for Aldborough Ward for the last 5 years (from 2017) and how many of these have resulted in legal proceedings, fines and/or penalties. Our FOI Request.

Our Chairs reaction to the results

My overall view is that you can dump a car/flytip/race your car/cut down as many trees as you want/erect anything and have a loud party whilst doing it – oh, and you can have a bonfire too….

Brief Analysis of the results of the FOI

  • Flytipping: 1,147 reports, only 3% resulted in Fixed Penalty Notice. NO Prosecutions.
  • Noise Infringements:   813 complaints. NO prosecutions.
  • Abandoned Vehicles:  286 cases in 3 years, only  2 FPN’s.
  • Dog Fouling:  206 reports. NO Fixed penalties and NO prosecutions.
  • Littering:–  202 reports 5% FPN. NO prosecutions. 1 more FPN during the pandemic then the previous year! (whole borough 20,157 FPN’s (LA Support)).
  • Flyposting:– NO reports but 26 FPN’s.
  • Nuisance Vehicles:  NO FPN, NO Prosecutions.
  • Untidy land: 1 report, 98 FPN and 183 prosecutions.


Redbridge says Tree Protection Orders (TPOs) protect tree(s) because they are significant or benefit the appearance of the area.

There was a total of 122 complaints in Aldborough Ward, 2017 to 2021, the average time to ‘close’ complaint 58 weeks!

TPO trees removed or felled:

  • 33 reports or complaints of Trees with protection orders and or in a conservation area were removed or felled.
  • 8 closed as deemed ‘not expedient’ (not in the interests of amenity but were TPO).
  • 4 closed as ‘immune’
  • 2 closed given retrospective planning
  • 4 complaints not closed, 3 of which are 2yrs old or more

The tree data contains other complaints ie illegal work on protected trees.

  • 20176 cases classed as ‘not expedient’. 5 cases classed as benefit of consent / negotiation.
  • 2018 –17 cases classed as not expedient / immune from action etc including 3+ cases involving Conservation Area.
  • 201912 cases classed as not expedient / immune
  • 20207 cases classed as not expedient / immune and 10 cases still outstanding.
  • 2021 3 cases classed as not expedient /immune and 11 cases still outstanding

Planning enforcement – Redbridge still working on the reply.

We will do more detailed analysis once the full reply is received

1 thought on “Redbridge Enforcement Actions in Aldborough Ward – The FOI results!”

  1. No surprises there then. Except, maybe, that you got a response at all. The Aldborough Hatch area of Redbridge is not alone in all of this. These things also happen elsewhere within the Borough where no Defence Association exists. An example: a year or so ago a nearby neighbour had an extension built. It resulted in raw sewage being discharged into their back garden. It was reported to planning, enforcement, Thames Water, Councillors, PM, their surveyor (private), their surveyor’s overseeing body and the organisation that deals with complaints. Outcome? Nuffin’ to do wiv me John! Roll on the Asteroid.

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