Replies to our Open Letter to Candidates for Aldborough Ward

Our Open letter to Candidates from all the parties can be seen here.

AHDA is Apolitical, we have NO interest in politics, but we ARE interested in local issues. These often require local Councillors’ involvement to get things done.

One of our major concerns is Fairlop Plain which includes Fairlop Waters.

Fairlop Plain – 593 hectares of Green Belt which includes Fairlop Waters and stretches to Hainault Forest. Recommended for Site of Metropolitan Importance in 2016 – not been ratified.

In 2019 AHDA campaigned against LBR’s plan for the 3 London Markets: Billingsgate, Smithfield’s & New Spitalfields to go on Fairlop Plain. Over 3,000 signatures on the petition and a lot of anger.

Subsequently, Wes Streeting pledged to protect the green belt. Jas Athwal has frequently said he would protect the green belt but still Fairlop Plain’s status as SMI has not been ratified.

Responses Received

Key replies from Aldborough Conservatives(Richard Firmstone,MD Toreq Hossain & Ajit Saha):

Protecting Fairlop Plain for future generations without threat of commercial or residential development with a 3 layer defence:
- Metropolitan Open Land (Green Belt)
- Site of Metropolitan Importance (SMI)
- “Fields in Trust” Status

Arrange CCTV to stop flytipping.

Ensure police presence to stop HGV & weight restrictions are no longer ignored. 

Authorise Highways to deal with Hainault Road (mud, potholes etc)

Ensure the hedge ownership and responsibility is resolved.

Take up enforcement issues with officers to get them resolved

Involvement with Gravel Extraction Committee.

(Full reply available by contacting AHDA, copies emailed today to AHDA members)
Key replies from Labour candidates (John Howard, Jyotsna Islam & Lebo Phakoe)

Fairlop Plain - We are excited about the Redbridge Labour administration's proposal to double the size of Fairlop Waters.
expansion plans are being co-designed with the local community and we look forward to working with the AHDA in the next rounds of consultation. We would join the Leader of the Council and the Local MP’s calls to defend the Green Belt. We are happy to pledge that we would look at Fairlop Plan being designated as a SMI.

Local issues - Where issues have been raised with us we have taken this up with the council for action.

Hainault Road and Billet Road - We have been chasing these ongoing issues with officers to take action. We plan to involve the AHDA and other local residents in a site visit with the recently appointed new Highways team.

Gravel & hedges - We would also like to use the committee to create an Aldborough Hatch action list to tackle issues over the course of the next term.

Development in Little Health/Billet Road area and again we will bring planning and enforcement officers to the site to stop the inappropriate ongoing use of the site.

Speeding - campaign for a solution to speeding in Aldborough Hatch and particularly  on Aldborough Road North/Painters Lane.

(Full reply available by contacting AHDA, copies being emailed to AHDA members today)
Key Replies from Lib Dem Candidate ... (not received)
Key Replies from Independents ... (not received)

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