Hainault Road

AHDA responded to complaints from our members in March 2021 about HGVs using the road overnight despite restrictions. See Concerns over lorries on Hainault Road and have been in contact with Redbridge Council ever since, trying to get some action.

We asked for

  • measures to be taken to improve the condition of the road to make it safer for road users.
  • enforcement of the overnight restrictions and ANPR.
  • A camera up on Hainault Road.

We stressed that both the road and the junction with Billet Road are DANGEROUS

Their latest update is

Nothing to be done apart from some resurfacing 2022/23 and worn road markings to be redone after resurfacing. Despite a recent fatal accident.

The request for ANPR has been sent on for ‘consideration’.

Residents need the Council to be Proactive, Reactive but not Inactive!

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