Late Night noise across Fairlop Waters Country Park and Fairlop Plain

Fairlop Waters Country Park and Fairlop Plain are green belt and a Site of Importance for Nature Conservation. Its also a residential area.

Is this the right place for late night refreshment, live music and alcohol Sunday to Thurs 13:00 to 00:30 the following day and Friday to Saturday 13:00hrs to 02:30hrs the following day ?

Wedding event Fireworks on Forest Road after midnight photo taken from Billet Road

With fireworks going on long after midnight for weddings and other events on Forest Road opposite the Country Park there is now a request from another premises on Forest Road to extend permitted hours for late night acivities.

Loud noise at night and excessive light already has a huge negative impact on park wildlife, especially nocturnal ones  including deer, owls, bats etc.

Any extension would only make this situation worse.
Surely the primary function of the park is nature conservation, not noisy clubs, fireworks, raves, especially illegal ones which have been happening lately?

If you wish to object to the proposed extension please go to the Representation form linked below:

Licensing Act 2003 Representation form

For guidance on completing the form see Prevention of crime and disorder, Public safety, Prevention of public nuisance, The protection of children from harm.

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