Valentines Park – Redbridge disposal of Open Space Land

Representations need to be received by no later than 12pm on Thursday 26th October 2023.

Here is our Chair, Vanessa’s response to Redbridge notice of disposal of Open Space Land at Valentines Park.

I am writing in response to the Public Notice published in the Ilford Recorder (5th October 2023), in regard to the Disposal of Open Space under Section 123(2a) of the Local Govt Act 1972.

Having gained further information as the actual site within Valentine’s Park, it led to a report in May 2023 regarding the possibility of a lease to Big Shots for the area of land which was the rewilded pitch and putt site.

Whilst I appreciate that the Council wish to draw on much needed income, and indeed the matter would have to be subjected to a planning application, that does not mitigate that this is public land in an historic park. 

Valentines Park is designated as a Borough Grade 1 SINC. The house and gardens which make up Valentines Park was left to the residents of the Borough to enjoy, not leased off to outside leisure companies.  I was under the impression, it was to that purpose that Vision RCL was formed.

The May report to Council stated that the area is in poor condition; presumably then, the trees planted by the community under a Vision Nature conservation team have perished?  Why?

It is my understanding that this is the main wildlife area in this otherwise formal park, therefore is the Council going to designate a similar sized area of the park to replace it?

I am also disturbed by the fact that there has been no public consultation on what is purposed for this a public asset, which was left for the benefit of all residents of the Borough, not just the 62 who happen to be on the Council.

5 thoughts on “Valentines Park – Redbridge disposal of Open Space Land”

  1. I find it very disturbing, but sadly not altogether surprising, that Redbridge Council is considering doing the unthinkable.
    This area is for the benefit of all people and in an age where poor mental health is on the increase extremely important. Please think of all the people you represent and leave this precious asset alone.

    1. They are also leasing Oakfield, a valuable community sports ground to West Ham. Again no consultation, all behind closed doors. Jas Athwol needs voting out.

  2. All London green space needs protection. Vision have an appalling record of mismanagement of the boroughs trees and green spaces. The mayor of London and West Streeting needs to be informed.

    1. Chrisanthi Christou

      Sad Dick khan doesn’t care about open spaces he puts in high amounts of housing proposals Destroying wildlife habitat and having trees chopped down inner London areas look like a third world concrete jungle

  3. I would also consider the knock on effects on Perth Road from parking Big Shots operate a high turn over driving range buisness where they need to get a high turn over in punters this means it is not plying its buisness plan to just the walking locals but the car traveling public.
    Obviously detail will come out in planning stage however the deal will be done then! And this Council won’t backtrack! I would expect a new carpark as part of the application. Kiss goodbye to peace and tranquility folks!

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